Ending a 7 Year Cycle - Uranus in Taurus

“You’ve changed” they’ll say.

Well, yeah, you have. I see you, dreamer. You’re changing and evolving and here’s the thing: you’re just not the person you once were.

I posted on instagram stories about how so many of us were running into exes, friends from the past or situations that were perfectly designed to show you just how much has changed and how different you are now.  Running into people from the past shows us this contrast.

The theme right now is on completion - what are you done with? Can you honour how much have you changed?

Uranus enters Taurus tomorrow for the first time in seven years - this simply means that you’re seeing (in an often disruptive way) that a chapter is coming to a big close.

This energy doesn't always feel comfortable - but it shakes you to awaken you.

Newsflash: you’re not the same person you once were. sometimes we need to be faced with something from the past to show us how much things have shifted. This can be both beautiful and heartbreaking.

Look back to where you were in March 2011 for an indication of when this last Uranus cycle began.

What has been the primary focus for you in the last seven years? Work? Relationships? Creative expression? Travel and expansion? this chapter is coming to a close and Uranus will shift to a new area of your chart.

Viva la Revolution!!

Aries: This was all about how you take action in the world.  You've learned to be assertive, take action, and forge a path for yourself.

Taurus: You've proven you can spring back eventually from any unforeseen disaster and forgive others.  You've weathered some big storms and have proved you can still stand.

Gemini: This was a friendship and relationship transit.  Friends may come and go, but you will always retain your faith in the goodness of human beings, even as your associations have changed.

Cancer: You were changing your work and relationships, and specifically, how you relate to others at work.  Can you bring compassion to a place that needs it the most? It’s about how people think of you and how they look up to you after you have touched them and they you.

Leo: Yours was in the house of higher learning and travel. How your mind has grown and your behaviour developed! All of your relationships have risen to a higher level.

Virgo: You've been on a deep healing journey.  Although you may have had to deal with what seems like insurmountable debt, setbacks and pain, be proud of how you have grounded into who you are and a more fulfilling expression of your soul.

Libra:  This was a large transit around relationships and learning to balance between partnership and independence.  You have been learning that granting freedom and independence to those you love is not abandonment at all. It shows a new way of bonding and understanding the needs of others.

Scorpio: This was a health and career transit for you.  Taking care of your health, listening to your body and finding alternative measures was a large focus. You’ve also revolutionized what you want to do in the world.

Sagittarius: This was in your house of creative expression.  How have you tapped into your creativity over the past 7 years? How have you explored expressing yourself in new and unique ways?

Capricorn: Your transit was disrupting your house and work structures - all of the structures that kept you in place, particularly your family dynamics.  You also have had some turblent changes. No matter how you try to hold it together and disruptive it may seem, the growth of disruption and transformation is not only inevitable. It is healthy.

Aquarius: You were gifted with a humanitarian vision or new vision for your future, which may be quite outside the box.  You have learned flexibility and have gained a new respect for honesty and communication.

Pisces: This was a lot about finances for you.  Finances are linked to self-worth - how do you value yourself and your wealth? It may seem strange, but even if you were the richest person in the world or the thriftiest seven years ago, you have been challenged to tap into your resourcefulness. As a Pisces, financial security may not be your ultimate goal but it sure has been a trip to stay even close to being on top of the money thing.