You Are Complete Because You Are Complete - Learning to Love Yourself

I am typing this from the jungles of Costa Rica with shoddy internet in a break from my retreat because this message came through loud and clear for you: you are complete because you are complete. 

Again - You are complete because you are complete. 

Not five or ten or fifteen pounds from now.  Not when the relationship comes, or you end the relationship.  Not when the new job comes or your boss starts to appreciate you more.  Not when your friend starts to text you more, or when you launch the website, or when you can feel comfortable enough to post more regularly on social media.  No, now. 

You are complete right now, in this very moment, simply for being you. 
You are beautiful.  You matter.  You are deserving of everything that you wish to have for yourself in your life. 
Yes, you are on a journey.  A journey of growth.  A journey to know yourself more deeply.  A journey of expansion.  But along the journey, you won't become complete.  You are are complete, whole and perfect.  Our issue is just that we forget how beautiful, special, and whole we already are. 
Look outside.  See those trees? You don't walk around looking at the trees thinking that it should be taller, or stronger, or deeper, or different than it is.  You just appreciate it.  You appreciate it for being exactly as it needs to be.  The way that its age has changed it.  Wisened it.  Made it grow.  
Appreciate yourself.  Love yourself.  Even if you don't believe it yet, say to yourself: "I deeply and completely love and accept myself." 
If you needed reminding, here it is: your life doesn't begin the second something shifts - it's happening right now, in this moment.  You are already complete.  You are already whole.  You are already on the adventure.  You are already magnificent. 

I've outlined below a tool for you to use to "fake it until you make it" if you feel like you're faking having a deep, overwhelming and pure love for yourself below.  

Step One: Acknowledge the Negative Thought or Feeling

What we resist, persists.  How are you feeling? Guilty? Like you aren't worthy? That you're imperfect until your body changes? That you should've known better? Whatever it is, it needs to be heard, even if you wish you could silence that voice completely immediately. 

Step Two: Choose Again 

Choose to over-ride that thought with one that is from your higher self - the part of you that actually does completely love and accept yourself. 

Step Three: SAY IT AGAIN

Now say to yourself in meditation, or with your eyes closed, or just focusing on your breath: "even thought I feel X (guilty/ashamed/like I could have done better, etc.) I deeply and completely love and accept myself."

Say it again - and again - and again - and again. 

Eventually our brain will be tricked into believing this to be true, and will override the negative thought pattern more quickly, but more importantly, we will choose to allow the voice of our heart/soul/inner guide that is unconditionally loving and accepting of ourselves to guide us instead.