Owning Your Story: How to a Year in Review

HAPPY END OF 2017!!!! This is my favourite time of the year, truly, because it gives you time to reflect on that has been and all that is to come.

There is such power in OWNING our story, whatever the story was of 2017. What happened? Maybe you feel like a lot didn't happen, but when you take a moment, and really remember the person that you were at the beginning of this year and what you were doing, and then reflect upon all the tiny shifts and changes and things that unfolded all year, you'll realize that here you are - a completely different person. It's amazing.

In this video, I share what we did in the last Circle of the year, which was to go through and reflect on:

1. What were your five highlights of the year?
2. What were your five downfalls or things that did not go to plan?
3. What were the the curveballs or totally unexpected things that happen, and ultimately, what were you learning from those things? What lessons did you learn?

Catie Fenn

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