Your Destiny is Now

boots on. parka on. tights on. ear muffs on. try not to freeze. try to make it into the office. try to focus in on the work on the laptop in front of me

we can get caught up in thinking we want to be anywhere other than where we are, right now, in this exact moment, but it's a trap

your destiny is in front of you right now. it's not some elusive moment ahead of you - some experience or place or person that's going to shift everything into place and then your destiny becomes realized

no, your destiny is right now. looking you in the face

if something feels wrong, change it. but if you take a pause, take a moment, wait there just a minute and think "oh yeah. oh right. okay. everything's just fine right now." take a moment and love on that fact. love on where you're at right now. you're just on your journey. love on the places you've gone and the places you'll go. love on the people you've met and dream of the people you've yet to meet. love on what's to come, by loving what's happening right now