My Top Books in 2017 for Inspiration

I love to read.  While I think there’s a balance between inputting new information and actually applying those principles to our life (if any of you have been in information overload, endlessly listening to podcasts, cruising the internet, or otherwise consuming content – it might be time to pause and take it all in instead).

One of the top questions I get from people is: what are my favourite books? In particular, what are my top self-help or spirituality books.

My top books of 2017 were:

  • The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer (top pick of the year)
  • Daring Greatly and Into the Wilderness by Brene Brown (on vulnerability and the courage to be yourself)
  • Be Love Now by Ram Dass (on spirituality and being a more loving, open, present person)
  • The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur (poetry on he human experience)
  • Journey of the Heart by John Wellwood (on conscious relationships and true partnership)

The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer topped it all off.  Michael Singer has led a truly inspiring life, building everything from a spiritual retreat centre in Florida to a 3 billion dollar company to a meditation program for incarcerated individuals. 

He would trust his heart, never listen to his mind’s preferences about opportunities, and instead would simply surrender to where life was flowing.  

In short, he decided to be completely open to life instead of closed and has been living an incredible like marked by success, ease, joy, and magic, which is the exactly the type of life I want to live.

As such, I went ahead and decided that 2017 would be my year of being completely open to life.  In other words, I was having my “year of yes.” 

I said “yes” to new experiences like the Bachelor when my mind was like “wtf”.  I said “yes” to going on a trip to Tulum with people I didn’t know who then became some of my closest friends. I said “yes” to starting goddess circle when my intuition pulled at me to start it, even long before my mind felt like I was ready. 

Even to more innocuous things; saying “yes” to 7 am spin class when my mind always wanted to say no and had the preference to sleep, “yes” to a more organic diet when my mind said it was more expensive, “yes” to meeting up with new person after new person, trusting that they had been brought into my life for a reason. 

For this reason, this book was my top pick of 2017.  It truly changed my life and how I live it – ushering me into a new way of being that is filled with more ease, flow, and excitement.

What are your favourites of the year? Let me know!