You Are the Guru

You are the guru. You are the guru. You are the guru.

Let that sink in. Nothing outside of you is the guru - the guru is inside of you. Once you connect with your inner guru, dwelling deep within your heart, you have an alchemy take place... an unravelling of all that you were, and tuning into that which you already are: pure love.

When you're in that state, things get quiet. It's just you and your heart. Your inner guru burning brightly. It's silent. Then you observe and experience the outside world in a new way. Using all your senses, you see the whole world as the guru too, just waiting for you to see your reflection in it. By listening, clearly, you can see that every person you meet is the guru too. They are reflecting back to you - YOU.

Whenever a person comes into your life - get excited. The guru has appeared. See what lessons they offer you. See your lightness or darkness reflected in them. What you see in them IS a reflection of you. "They're so beautiful." - YOU see the beauty in you. "They're self absorbed." - YOU have lingering shadow about that waiting to be worked through. "They are so fun!" - YOU may need to tap into play more. See how others are always being put into your own path for the guru - you - to reflect, clear, and deepen more about where you're at on your path and how you can grow more.

Think about the people who have most recently come into your life. They are showing you your light and your dark. Allow them to teach you, but remember, you are the guru.