We Begin With Honesty

Being real with what's true.

I re-read a journal entry today from 10 years ago where I candidly exposed to myself my own truth in the lined pages of a drug store notebook: what was up with me in that moment of time - what I was struggling with, excited about, nervous about and shameful about. step one is always to just admit what's really up and to write it - uncensored - on paper. This. Is where. I'm at. Right now.

I used to struggle with that - not wanting to put onto the page what was really up for me. Now I allow.

But I laughed because I wrote TODAY about some of the same struggles I wrote about a decade ago. While so much of my life has changed in incredible, awesome ways - certain unwavering patterns and truths to my ego mind are an undercurrent. It takes a lifetime to continually unravel our patterns.

The ego mind, which is everything we have been taught we are from every circumstance and encounter in our life, leaves DEEP patterning in the brain and the psyche. That's okay!!!

In every moment we just have to witness it and choose to react in the same way - or to choose again. To choose radical self acceptance, or peace, or love, or to advocate for our needs. .
What I wanted to remind you of is: it's okay that you've been doing the work, and that despite all that, you're faced with some of the same issues. They'll come up again and again and you'll be called again and again to choose again and choose again and choose again. Its learning to live your truth. It's the path of the warrior and you've got this.