Sisterhood Diaries: Finding the Crones

"You are a unique expression of source energy and it is your birth right to be who you came here to be."

The universe is always conspiring to support us - I was faced with a situation that triggers me and was craving some CRONE energy in my life - what's that?

A crone is the feminine archetype - she is the wise, sage woman. She has aged but she is ageless. She has weathered storms, stood in her power, and nurtured for years. She holds the wisdom that can only come from seeing it all and experiencing it all.

I didn't do anything other than trust my intuition that these older 50+ women would come into my life. I attended a medicine song circle tonight and walked in and sure enough - BOOM - a whole bunch of beautiful crones!

Such magic unfolds from connecting with those who have walked the path ahead of us - and on the contrary - for them to be reinvigorated by the power that comes from fresh eyes and fresh experiences. Could you use a little wisdom bomb from an elder right now? Set the intention and see what comes.

Step into your power, the fullness of all that you are, and trust that with each step the exact connections you need will show up for you.