Love Where You Are - It's Where You're Supposed to Be

Loving where you're at. The past is gone - the future is uncertain - the only thing we have is the present.

Are you in an egg right now? A quieter time of contemplation and reflection? Be there. Savour it.

Are you in a time of serious expansiveness or growth or madness at work? Be there. Be fully there.

Are you in a time of the unknown - watching new people come into your life and trying to peek forward at what the end of the story is? Enjoy the gift of new experiences and connection. Be there.

Are you stressed about all the darkness being uncovered in the world? Witness that. Remember where you are at this moment in history during this shift in the world.

Be fully there. In all of it. In wherever you're at right now. It's a season for you - right now, doing whatever you're doing. This too shall pass, whatever it is. So savour it. Deepen into it. Feel into all the feelings of this moment and be with this season of your life. Enjoy it for what it is. Because everything is ALWAYS changing. Life is ALWAYS moving, ebbing forward, twisting in new directions and the key is to bring it ALL in, in the present, only to let it go in the very next moment to be swept away again with something new. Flow on, love warriors.