I'm Over Hustling, Let Me Flow

I'm over the hustle. Instead, the reframe is to do MORE in LESS time by being calm, focused and inspired as we work.

How do you get to a space of complete calm and focus? My biggest tip is - take care of yourself. When you sleep enough, take time to chill, move and strengthen your body, and eat foods that light you up instead of making you exhausted, your "vehicle" is locked, loaded and ready to go.

This means making sure there is a lot of PLEASURE in your life. What lights you up? What makes you feel juicy? What gives you joy? Do that. THAT fills up your tank.

From that place, calm, focus and inspiration flow. Make taking care of yourself and pleasure your number one priorities, and all the enthusiasm, drive and focus you need to accomplish ANYTHING follows.

Shine on love warriors.