If It Doesn't Flow, It's Not For You

If things don't flow well, they're not meant for you right now. That person, that job, that opportunity, that energy to go out and chase your dreams. Whatever it is - it's okay. Be where you are. Relax into that.

Wherever you're at is perfect. Allow what IS. Don't resist it.

I just sat down for lunch after my intuition told me to sit down in a certain place, in a certain spot. I sit down and a person that was tied to an opportunity that I let go of back in the fall because it wasn't flowing easily was right in front of me. I believe that things in life, when we are on our path living our purpose, should feel like breathing. Effortless. Natural. Life affirming. Maybe it means now it's time for me to revisit it, or maybe it means it was a reminder to me to always remember with life and our dreams: "this or something better. This or something better." Another opportunity, better, is on its way and the reason to I let go of that one was to create space for something new... an updated version of what WAS but with better timing, or a new one that's more epic.

Let go and flow baby.