How Big Are Your Goals

About a year and half or two years ago I got a clear download in the middle of the night - start sharing with Instagram. Start sharing your voice and your spiritual journey and perspective on Instagram. Find your community there. Learn to develop your voice there.

That same night, at 4am when I was awakened by this message, I wrote out some goals in the journal that was lying on my bedside table. I held up my iPhone light to illuminate the pages because it was too dark and too late for me to muster up the courage to turn on my bedroom light. Goals that were aligned with the vision that was beckoning me and awakening me from my sleep.

One of them I wrote out was "10,000 Instagram followers so I can share my stories and help inspire others to live more loving and authentic lives." At the time, it seems preposterous. I literally smirked to myself as I wrote out the goal.

But what I know for sure is that if your goals or your vision don't seem insane enough - make you laugh at how the universe is ever going to co-create it with you to actually make it happen - then they aren't big enough yet. Keep thinking.  

I passed that 10k threshold and here I am, in deep gratitude for all of those who let me into your space to share pieces of my heart to inspire you to listen to the whispers of yours. Today, and always, I love you