Being Precise On Your Goals

New moon vibes in Sagittarius mean using LASER LIKE precision to craft some new goals and a massive vision for my new creative project (psst: I had a big download of inspiration in Costa Rica).

Sagittarius is that image of the Bow and Arrow... precision toward the bullseye.

What a perfect time to start visioning and designing your future than NOW instead of come January 1st?

I am a goal setting junkie. I make monthly, quarterly, yearly, five year and ten year goals. I understand that life is in a flow and we are to surrender to that flow - but we also have to co-create with the universe. We can't stay locked up on the couch waiting for our dreams to find us, or for opportunities to arise, or for our bodies to feel amazing and strong.

The magic comes from trusting and following our intuition and inner compass to let ourselves flow, but I like to think of goals and clear visions as kind of like the BOAT that can keep us ON COURSE while we flow through the waters of what is our destiny.

It's my belief that we have certain agreements - things that will manifest no matter what - that we have signed up for in this life. Beyond that, we can create anything we want, as long as we are intentional about it.

What are some of your goals you are working toward? If you don't have any - grab a pen! It's the perfect time. Do it now. Do it now. Do it now