Be Easy. It'll Pass.

Be easy. take your time. you are coming home to yourself. - @nayyirah.waheed

Impermanence has been one of the biggest lessons for me this year. The idea that all things - good and bad - are transient. Here one moment, gone the next. The work becomes not getting too attached to what IS - whether we see it as good or bad, and rather to be fully present in each moment as it arises, in a state of equilibrium.

Everything passes.

As I've been reflecting on this concept all week as I take stock of the year, I found myself having to practice it again. I had one of my best days of the year yesterday, and then woke up this morning feeling totally blocked and sad for a reason I couldn't put my finger on at first.

Yesterday I was fully present with all the joys and the bliss I felt. I was fully present with the beautiful company that surrounded me all day, I drank in each word I read, I savoured every morsel of delicious food, I laughed big and loud at things that delighted me. Today I was fully present with the shadow in my psyche that was revealing itself. I stayed fully present with my sadness. I felt into the constriction in my chest.

In either instance, the key is to allow yourself to feel each feeling and soak up each flavour of each moment - knowing that the winds will pull you in a new direction again. All you have to do is soak it in while it's happening in the moment.

All feelings - joy, bliss, sorrow, shame - have a place. Be with them. Get curious about them. They might stay a while, or they might not. Either way, they won't last forever. Be present with what IS and unlock an entire new level of dimension to your human experience.