Ask and It Is Given

“Ask and it is given. Believe and you shall receive."

I was at a spiritual film festival the other week and was listening to the celestial sounds of Iasos in a deep meditation when these words echoed in my mind. Esther Hicks and Abraham also wrote a booked called "ask and it is given." Since it interrupted my meditation, it's a message that we need to hear.

How often do we desire something but then fail to ask? Because we want to be nice. To go with the flow. To be put another's needs above our own. To keep the status quo. To believe it's not possible.

Two questions: what do you want right now - and have you asked for it?

So often we don't ask. We don't ask the people in our life to help support us in what we need. We don't ask the universe/God/source to support us either. We're unclear. We waver.

Be intentional about what you want - and then ask.

This could be something big like a new opportunity, partner, lover, or adventure - OR it could be more innocuous.

I need to take it easy before my trip next week. What I need is to be as gentle with myself as possible right now and to cleanse to prepare for the jungle. I had dinner plans yesterday with an old friend. Typically we have big dinners out with many delicious things and full bodied wine. It was such a small example of “ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED.” What I needed instead of our usual routine was to have an early, low key dinner at a cleanse friendly vegan restaurant. My mind went over reasons why I shouldn’t suggest this: from my friend wouldn’t like it to I really love big dinners out and want to break my cleanse and go for it, but I chose to ask for what would support me MOST right now.

I asked for what I wanted and it was granted. I had a delicious dinner that was part of my cleanse and was in bed early.

What do you want? ASK.