As You Get Closer to Your Goal - You Need to Let Go More

When things don't go our way, we get disappointed, frustrated, mad or upset, but we don't get to CHOOSE how things unfold. We just get to choose how we perceive it.

Things are unfolding in a way to support your growth or bring you toward your goals, even when it doesn't seem that way. Is the thing that didn't go your way or work out the way you thought actually the thing you need right now? The answer is: NO If it were supposed to be another way... it would BE that way. Can you notice instead where the FLOW is taking you TO right now, and what it's taking you AWAY from.

The idea is also that as you get closer to the goal, or a new level of awareness, or a big breakthrough - the universe supports you by helping lead you away anything that's not in alignment with that unfolding.

As you get closer to the end, the pace speeds up and even more things drop away that aren't in alignment with that goal. It's the last stretch of the race where your legs are burning but you sprint it out and you blur out any of the noise of the sidelines. The final minutes of the playoff game where the end is so close that your focus gets so clear, so precise, and so present that all you have to think about is getting that ball into that net. Everything else drops away.

That's okay that things are changing - you're being led in a specific direction for a specific reason. You're being led in the direction of your dreams, which means that things that are superfluous are getting dropped or are moving away from you.

I have a big experience/goal happening in Costa Rica in two weeks that I know I have to be in a certain space - mind, body and spirit - to receive. I've had SO many plans in the past little while fall through for reasons outside of my control but I've chosen to see it as a big blaring sign that the FLOW I'm being pulled in right now is to slow down, do less, and conserve my energy so I can catapult forward in my highest vibe to receive the magic of what's to come. Where's your flow leading you?