Your Only Job is to Be the Light

Your ONLY job is to be the light.

We get caught up in purpose, goals and hustle, and making dreams a reality. That's great - having passion and igniting our fire is important and gives amazing meaning to life... but are you being too focused on your goals or your job? are you getting addicted to the hustle? Are you trying really hard to control outcomes right now? Are you forgetting that you don't have to DO anything to be worthy today for anything other than being yourself?

Because here's a secret - the only job you really have is to be the LIGHT. To be the positive person in a room of negativity. To be peaceful when others are combative. To be a loving listener. To offer your genuine presence to another. THAT is your real job - and your only job.

That's what the world needs right now.

From there, you might be guided to be the light in a bigger way - to set goals for yourself that inspire you to be a better version of you so you can be a brighter light, or to create a project that will impact others in a big way

But just remember, if you're feeling overwhelmed, your ONLY job is to be the light

Keep shining :)