Your Joy is all that the Universe/God/Spirit Wants

"The light in you is what the universe longs to behold"

The light in you - your joy - is all that the universe wants, ultimately. Our job here is to follow our joy - find our bliss - and do that. That might change. Right now I am finding a lot of joy in travelling and adventure, so I’m doing that. Other times I find joy in being in my routine in the city i feel grateful to call home. Either way, pay attention to what it is right NOW that lights you up.

Not what you think you should enjoy - or what you used to enjoy - but right now, in this moment. What would bring you joy? What would be amazing? If it would be a piece of cake, eat that. If it would be to go to the water, do that. if it would be to burn out your body at a spin class, do that.

Take inventory before bed of whether you found a glimmer of joy in the day - a small win or a small victory that made you happy today. If you didn't - that’s okay - but could you be intentional tomorrow about doing one small thing to light you up? You’ll notice with each small joy, your enthusiasm for life just builds and builds, which is where the magic comes in.