Your Journey Begins with a Choice to Get Up, Step Out, and Live Fully

"I know for sure: your journey begins with a choice to get up, step out, and live fully" - Oprah Winfrey

I went to the landmark forum when I was 19. It's a pretty controversial workshop, and my thoughts on it overall are mixed, but one thing I got out of it was "don't dance around the sidelines of your life." They gave the example of a sporting event with everyone on the sidelines so invested in the game, yelling with fiery passion about what to do next, and yet many of whom would never get into the game of the opportunity arose. Why? Because of fear.

The idea is: what are you fired up about? what are passionate about? Once you've established that, then ask, why am I not pursuing it? Can you get yourself to get IN the game instead of staying on the sidelines?

That doesn't necessarily mean being on the starting line up right away, but it does mean at least showing up for practice, ready to play. Commit to your light. Commit to your practice. Commit to just show up and practice for whatever it is that's lighting you up right now. Keep stoking the fire of your passions light warriors.