You Teach People How to Treat You

"You teach other people how to treat you"

Tonight I had a dance of what I should do versus what I wanted to do.

What I really wanted to do was dress up and go out for a beautiful dinner. What my mind wanted me to do was stay in my day clothes and just have a gyro and call it a day because I'm solo.

Then I remembered what my beautiful friend Lori Harder taught at her workshop in LA last winter that always resonates with me "you teach people how to treat you." Elena Brower advocated for a similar thing when she shared that as a single person you should treat yourself as you wish to be treated in a relationship.

So tonight I took myself out for a delicious fancy dinner. I dressed up for myself. I sat with myself in a fancy restaurant. I spent time with myself. Because I LOVE gorgeous dinners out and dressing up - and how could I put the pressure upon or call forth a partner who makes me feel this way and does these things without embodying it first? And while I've had partners that have done this in the past, why wait for another to allow me to have these experiences until they're here?

So I did it. I showed up for myself tonight. I showed up for the other people at the restaurant who looked at me and questioned why a person would be alone at a restaurant in a state peace without a companion (even though I watched many be glued to their iPhone screens despite sitting across from one another).

It's up to us to be the light, for ourselves and then for others. As we do, others observe. As we are, others are inspired. Keep shining, love warriors.