This or Something Better

"This - or something better"

This time in Spring of 2014 my soul was deeply calling for new soul sisters. I've always had a lot of girlfriends and had deepened my connection with two friends from my past who were into spirituality but my soul wanted MORE. Specifically, I really wanted women who were a few years older than me who had already walked the path. I now see so clearly that it was calling me to dive deeply into my own feminine energy, and to balance my masculine energy as a result, by diving into female friendships in a way I hadn't before - it was these new friends who have inspired me to keep taking steps in the direction of my vision

After I heard the call and was kind of like ?!?!? I didn't know where to start to find these women. I had a dream where one of my yoga instructors and another woman from class were having brunch. I didn't know how I was going to forge these friendships with them BUT as it turned out, I never had to. The next week I was invited to a goddess group where I quickly connected with a whole crew of women of all different ages and backgrounds, many of whom are now my closest allies and confidantes

I share this because sometimes our subconscious shows us glimpses of images in meditation or dreams in order to get an idea for where we are heading - it doesn't mean THAT image will materialize for us. Had I been attached to trying to become pals with women at my studio, I may have been closed off to other events that ultimately led me to my soul sisters. As Wayne Dyer used to say about letting go of our visions "This - or something better" just stay open to how to vision will actually materialize - the universe is always unfolding for our highest good, often in ways behind our wildest dreams and expectations.