Why Making New Friends is Good (Versus No New Friends)

"Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls" - Mother Teresa

DJ Khaled rapped about "no new friends" in 2013 - and I was prettttttty into that idea. I was that girl that truthfully wasn't that open to new friends, but it was a total BS story. Why wouldn't I want more people around me who were aligned with what I was into and who made me feel amazing? Were some of the friendships I was holding onto actual serving me? Or were they keeping me stuck?

Look around you at the friends that you have. Do they elevate you? Make you feel joyful? Do they encourage you to level up your life? Can you speak your truth around them? If you have a collection of these people around you - amazing. If you don't, then try and open yourself up to the possibility that new people WILL show up for you in your life if you ask for it and allow it.

What I've noticed in a lot of my conversations lately is that many feel like some of their friends aren't with them on their path - or that they can't understand it. That's fine - they don't have to - they will catch up when its time. The universe doesn't want you to be alone, however, and it doesn't want you to feel isolated.

Saying YES to new friends doesn't mean saying NO to old friends. It means staying open and saying yes to the gifts the universe is sending you in the form of souls. Spirit is constantly trying to support your growth and help you to live your highest truth by sending you the people that will help support that - the question is, are you open to it.
By raising my own vibration to one of openness and joy, and by saying yes to things I would usually say no to, I've been floored by the incredible people who have flowed into my life (like this babe). Like attracts like - joy attracts joy - positive attracts positive - driven attracts driven.

If you're seeking friends who are aligned with where you're at and who make you feel elevated, supported and inspired - then do the following:
1. Ask
2. Co-Create - when you find yourself drawn to an event - go
3. Be what you want - want people in your life who are super high vibe and take care of their bodies and are passion? Amazing. Start doing that