Wherever You Are, Be All There

"My life was an open suitcase and clothes were strewn all over the place" - Amy Poehler

Mindfulness makes you become more present and aware of what is happening around you - but it's an ongoing practice. Before I started a mindfulness practice, I was SUPER scattered. My mind was busy and I was flighty and I was obsessed with schedules as the only way to give some semblance of organization to the millions of floating puzzle pieces of my mind.

While I've become way more grounded, focused and present - I don't always stay there. I was scattered on Wednesday rushing to a settlement meeting and somewhere along the way misplaced my wallet. In my wallet is my passport. I'm leaving to travel on Wednesday.

So what am I learning right now? To be with what's happening. To notice that I was scattered Wednesday but to be gentle with myself about it. To stay calm so I can figure out an action plan to get a passport by Wednesday if I need to. To breathe. To remember everything is always working out for my highest good - we are always learning the exact lessons we need to learn, and things, even when frustrating or difficult, are always helping to foster our growth. 

PS - I found my passport