Where is Your Place of Peace?

Find places of repose.

Are there places that instantly bring you back to a place of calm? We don't always need to rely upon ourselves to bring ourselves back to centre. Sometimes we can rely on a place to help elevate and reconnect us.

I have this book I turn to for guidance in the mornings and I kept on opening the book to this page : find places of repose. I've had more going on since I launched love warrior, and it's been a FULL MOON which can make you energy a little more scattered. I was still meditating every day but for shorter periods and had been feeling a little off - so I took the advice that kept facing me over and over again and I found my way back to my places of repose. For me, they are at the yoga studio, this old church building that smells like incense, on my meditation block, this waterfall in an office building near me, reading in my bed... or being out for dinner at some of my favourite restaurants.

We don't have to rely on our own strength. We can rely upon our environment to bring us back - and to stay there until we find our equilibrium again. What are the places that fill you up? Find yourself there and again, there you are.