What Your Bad Mood Means

A bad mood just means something needs to be felt or addressed to move through you. It's tough work to reign the mind in sometimes. My inner drama queen princess still comes out when I've missed my daily spiritual practices for too many days. I'll get annoyed about something that doesn't ultimately matter, or I'll stress out about something trivial like what I want to eat for lunch that day

Today I got annoyed at how slow a new yoga teacher was speaking, and then caught myself. When that happens, I know it's time to check myself and reconnect to my inner guidance

Meditation is whatever you make it to be - basically it is giving yourself time to reconnect with your higher self and your connection to something bigger than you, although at first it's normally about slowing your busy mind down

I first started meditating by setting an iPhone timer for 5 minutes and saying LET / GO with an inhale and exhale breath. Five minutes every day and it was a total game changer in my life. My practice since then has shifted

Meditation shouldn't be intimidating. Try the five minutes of LET GO and see what happens. If you need any more meditation tips I will be happy to share more