What Would Happen if You Just Showed Up?

What would happen if you just showed up?

I laid in bed this morning with a struggle about whether to go to the fitness class I signed up for or not. I've switched my workouts to the morning but haven't quite mastered going to bed earlier to make up for it. I felt like staying in my delicious bed in a cocoon would be more fun than the class.

Then I tuned in... I asked myself what my body really wanted. Was it really exhausted or did it want to move? I asked myself whether my mind had created a story that I hated early morning workouts, and whether that was really true. Then I touched my heart and asked my intuition whether I should just go.

It said - go. It said - what would happen if you just showed up? what would happen if you just honoured your commitment to yourself?

So I did.

I had full plans of sitting out half the class if I had to - but I ended up feeling centered, energized and powerful the whole time.

In this case, as always, my heart led me in the right direction. I encourage you to show up in the next few days just by playing the game with yourself of what would happen if you just DID?