What is Your Intuition?

The voice of your intuition is the voice of all creation - it is the gateway to limitless possibilities for your life.

Learn to get silent and LISTEN. The voice of your own highest consciousness and intuition will come through. Once we turn inward, the "hero's version" - the most amazing version of our lives is revealed. Once we refocus back out into the world, our intuition will still speak to us as things come into our daily experience. our gut will whisper to us and tell us what to do and where to go if we let it.

Steven Speilberg recently said "I directed The Color Purple, and this one film opened my eyes to experiences that I never could have imagined, and yet were all too real. This story was filled with deep pain and deeper truths, like when Shug Avery says, ‘Everything wants to be loved.’ My gut, which was my intuition, told me that more people needed to meet these characters and experience these truths. And while making that film, I realized that a movie could also be a mission. I hope all of you find that sense of mission. Don’t turn away from what’s painful. Examine it. Challenge it.

And then he said:

"Love, support, courage, intuition. All of these things are in your hero’s quiver..."

Your inner guidance is your inner compass that gently tells you what you need to do, where you need to go, and what you need to do to live the HERO version of your life. Tap in by simply taking five minutes with your hand on your heart and ask yourself "what do I want right now".