Trust Your Dopeness

What makes you feel FLY? What makes you feel DOPE?

I was wearing a serious costume today in my insta story for work today. It got me thinking about this topic. I remember I came across this Gabrielle Bernstein Gabrielle Bernstein early on in my journey and she talked about how you can be spiritual but still wear high heels

At the time, I’m not even kidding, it was a total game changer for me. It deeply resonated, because when I was drawn to spirituality when I was younger, I ultimately dropped it because my mind thought that I needed to stop wearing make-up and adopt parachute pants and linen t-shirts if I was going to be “spiritual.” I actually tried this for a short period of time - I bought some crystal jewelry and feathers - but it just didn’t FEEL right. I mistakenly thought that unless I was ascribing to the whole “new age” image that I couldn’t possibly, actually, be into this stuff.

Here’s the thing - to be a spiritual being does not entail a dress code and doesn’t look a certain way. The beauty of humanity is in the fact that we are all completely, utterly and totally unique. The conscious path means ripping off your mask and getting in touch with who you really are - which is a loving, open and beautiful soul. That soul just wants to play and to express itself and live its truth…so however your soul wants to express itself in terms of the costume you wear each day - as long as it FEELS good, then that’s what’s up. That’s when you’re in your dopeness. Trust it.

If you’re stopping yourself from wearing what would make you FEEL good, then why not just go for it? Or if you’re wearing a suit but you effing hate it, try taking it off. Step back into your dopeness by allowing yourself to wear whatever costume lights you up. Stay fly, love warriors.