Trust that It's All Unfolding For You

One of my favourite quotes is from the Alchemist that's often quoted by Oprah is about when someone really wants something the universe conspires to help it achieve it. I truly believe that when we're on the right path, working toward our life's mission, the world legitimately opens up to meet us. Opportunities fall into our laps. You get a resounding YES answer instead of a NO. As I embark on my own path of bringing more mindfulness and meditation to others I've been so floored by how clear it is when I'm going at it from the wrong angle. I'm faced with serious roadblocks - sometimes roadblocks are there to challenge us but other times they're there to keep us on track to refocus our efforts. Live as though the universe is rigged in your favour, and notice when it's nudging you away from that which isn't meant for you.