True Abundance is an Inside Job

True abundance is an inside job.

Meaning, take care of yourself, nourish yourself, move yourself, spend time with yourself FIRST...and from there the magic flows.

The Masters often focus on the importance of purifying FIRST and serving SECOND - connect to you first and from there you can support the world.

To me self love means loving yourself enough to take full responsibility for your life; to become the warrior of your own life by a daily commitment to honouring and connecting to yourself.

Once we take full responsibility for our life and our happiness everything flows because when your cup is so full others can't help but FEEL it and you can't help but SHARE yourself and talents with those around you
But YOU first - keep yourself in your most high vibe state and THEN from that place you can literally manifest anything you want in your life.

i was feeling depleted - there's been a lot on my plate and I've been called to share myself and create more than I previously have. then I realized that since I'm being called to share and create more I need to be doubling DOWN on my self love practices of meditation, journaling and movement in order to balance it.

If you're feeling depleted or exhausted - ask yourself when the last time you doubled down on time spent just reconnecting with yourself? when was the last time you just spent time with you, doing what makes you feel most proud and connected to yourself? we can only give what we already have!