Travel Brings You Home to Yourself

"I'll see you where the ocean meets the sky".

Oia is majestic. There are a few places I've been in the world where I feel truly awestruck by the magnitude of what I'm taking in - this is one of those places. (#FTU). I also had Greece on a vision board with it - I love when the images from the board come to fruition AND that I let my soul guide what to put on the board and it gravitated to the image of Oia knowing this would be a place that lit my heart on fire.

Last night I had a dream about heavy rain and in my dream was told to look up the meaning - it means spiritual purification and a period of blessing.

Travel brings you into a state of pure awareness and presence, where you can't help but feel deeply grateful. You feel like your heart is on fire - swelling. The key is integrating it afterward - how to find that presence and beauty in our mundane. what are you grateful for today? what sets your soul on fire? If you don't know - ask. Say "please let me be guided to what will make me feel open and loving today".