The Wound is the Place the Light Enters You

Could you have the courage to show up for your life? could you have the courage to deal with your own darkness in order to step into your highest truth - the most radiant, open and connected version of yourself? .

"The wound is the place where the light enters you." - Rumi

This morning as I was showing up for my body at Misfit Studio our beautiful teacher spoke from the heart about whether we had the courage to face our own shit - our own darkness - in order to live a life of impact and legacy. it resonated because what's often lost in the translation of living at awesome and positive life and the messages to "choose happy!" "be the light!" is that to do so in a truly authentic way means you have to face some darkness in you - the past hurts and limiting beliefs - and sit with them, until you unravel them and through a beautiful process of alchemy transformation them - through forgiveness and compassion for yourself and for others - back into love. it means loving what has been for putting you in the moment you are in now where you get the choice to choose again how you want to relate to your world, and you can choose over and over to choose love instead of fear

There IS no light without dark, and while its scary to turn inside and clean up your internal world, there is nothing more courageous you can do for yourself. be a warrior for yourself and deal with your own wounds, vulnerably and courageously, to get the most divine GIFT of being able to live a life of connection, compassion, and pure bliss.