The Universe is Conspiring to Make Your Dreams Come True

Could you allow yourself to believe that there is a universal force, bigger than you, more majestic and powerful and loving and radiant than you're allowing yourself to feel right now that is guiding you every day? I live my life from this place, and when I am living my life from this place everything feels wonderful - even the things that are seemingly tough. A shitty situation becomes an opportunity for growth designed exactly for me in that moment for my highest growth. What’s it teaching me? Amazing things feel even sweeter #FTU

I use two things to remind myself that we are all being guided every day, if we choose to accept the universal energy force into our life. The first thing is that i wear jewelry that reminds me of this. When I look down at a ring I wear every day I’m reminded of my limitlessness. Then I remind myself of a mantra based off of a line from a Course in Miracles, which is “who walks with you?” It teaches us to remember that we walk with spirit and we are never separate from spirit, if we choose to remember this. The text goes on to say “I walk with spirit in perfect holiness. I light the world.”

What would you do if you knew that even if you failed, you were being fully supported? Would you shine a little brighter? Take more risks? Push your limits? Dive in and let the ocean of the entire universe support you tonight. Remember who walks with you - we are all in this together.