The Universe Has Your Back - Lessons in Losing my Passport

You are always being guided and supported - wherever you are. the uni has your back.

Yesterday I posted about how I misplaced my wallet and my passport. The truth is, I knew my passport had to be in my office. I was awoken at 4am (which is when the veils between the spirit and material world is thinnest) with a clear message from spirit that my passport would be found in my office.

I knew that going on my trips to Vancouver and Greece shortly was in my highest good and that I would be supported to either find my passport or get a new one to get on the plane.

So why did I have to learn the lesson? I am an intuitive medium meaning I channel spirit guides - so I asked them what I was supposed to be learning from the misplaced wallet if I was going to find it

The answer was - I got a message recently saying I needed to have had the summer to root down. That in my new place of rootedness, I could enjoy the magic to come on my travels and in the fall from THAT place, whereas normally I might get swept up in the winds of it... which is where I do things like misplace my passport, stay out way too late, etc

I've done this before while travelling - I've lost my passport in NYC, I've found myself in downtown Ho Chi Minh city with 8 dollars and no debit or credit cards because I left them at a hotel across the country with no way to get money wired and another flight to get on to Bali in 24 hours. All while totally sober.

The lesson was: Catie we told you! Be rooted when the magic comes! More magic will come because you are so rooted. Misplacing my wallet was a reminder of the message they already told me.

Sometimes we are given reminders of past lessons - we need to pay attention. The universe has our back in this way.