The Right Moment is Waiting for You to Stop Waiting for the Right Moment

There's no right moment, even if we wish there was. only in retrospect do we see that all the small moments are woven together in the beautiful tapestry of our life.

A ton of my friends and I are taking leaps right now - some bigger than others, but ones of impact for our lives nonetheless and it's gotten me to think about timing, about taking a step forward and then trusting you'll know the next step after that.

Sometimes we have to listen; to sit in meditation, cozy up with our journals and reflect on what our next moves are. sometimes in listening we'll hear our guidance say "it's not time yet." other times we have to leap; we need to write that blog post, make that phone call, book the trip, message that person, put down the massive noodle bowl and proactively take steps forward in the direction of our vision.

I'm finding that when you know it's time to make a leap forward what it manageable is to focus on the next right action, instead of what the multitude of steps you might have to take after that are.

I have a clear picture of what steps I'm taking in the next six months but I was getting tripped up on what comes next.

But I don't need to know. I need to trust that I'm moving forward and that all the clarity I need about what comes next will come to me when I need it.

Because if we start think about how to get from point a to b to c to y to z we can get paralyzed. Paralyzed by fear or self doubt or overwhelm about all the steps in between when all we have to do is take step a.

Because the only moment we ever have is right now.

So what are you doing now? Are you taking time to listen? Time to get really clear about what your next step is? Or is it time to leap? Are you ready to take the next step, dance toward your edge forward, in the direction of the most elevated version of your life? It's just time to take step a and trust that step b and c and d will be illuminated before you when it's time.