The "Meantime" and Navigating Transitions

The transition: what to do when you're in the "meantime".

There's a waiting period in between when what you want to have happen happens and where you used to be. You've got the vision and you trust that it'll materialize in your life, but you're not there yet. You're in the meantime.

The meantime can be annoying because you want what you want to have happen NOW. You also have the idea that what will happen in the future is so amazing that you forget to sit and be in the presence of your meantime.

Designing our future is important and fun and exhilarating - but at a certain point we need to let it go and just be where we are - in the meantime.

We get trapped into the thinking that the meantime isn't a good as the future, but that's not true. Yes, the future vision is amazing, but there's so much to learn and experience in the meantime so that you're ready to fully appreciate and hold the future when it gets here.

The best way I've come up with to settle into the meantime is to STAY PRESENT. To think that the present isn't as good as the future is going to be is a recipe for restlessness with a touch of anxiety.

Take it day by day. What are you grateful for today? Write it down. What could you have done today to make it even better? Write it down. What are you going to do today to make you feel good? Do that. What new thing could you try this week? Make it a goal. What new topic could you learn about this month? Buy a book.

Because to consider and design the future is diligent, but to become too attached to our fantasies of how amazing it will be can rob us from understanding and appreciating the gifts that are being presented to us every day in our meantime.