The Light I See is a Reflection of Me

"The light I see is a reflection of me"

The comparison game can be a nasty one. If you're not in a relationship you can compare yourself to your friends that are. You might compare yourself to the gym or the yoga studio to someone who is absolutely crushing it. When we feel a lack of love for ourselves, comparing only can reinforce what our mind has had us believe about ourselves.
Once you've caught yourself comparing, take a minute and say: the light I see in them is a reflection of me.

A couple of years ago I learned this lesson when I dated a few really successful entrepreneurs and felt myself feel intimidated on our dates and so I shut down a bit and my ice queen came out. Truthfully, I felt like they were better than me because they had obtained all this outward success. What I realized is what we see in others is what is in us - I was feeling small because there was a passionate entrepreneurial drive in me that was untapped and my mind tried to keep me small by making me feel less than. When I realized that what I was intimidated and impressed by in them could be cultivated in myself, the game shifted

Sometimes the people who show up in our lives that make us feel intimidated or less than are really just there to show us untapped potential in ourselves that needs to be cultivated

I also have a mentor I LOVE. I had a full blown girl crush on her when we met and respect her immensely. This time I knew - the light I see in her drive, loving nature and energy - all the things I admired in her were in me too, and it was my ability to see them in myself that allowed me to so deeply admire these qualities in her. We can't recognize in others what we don't have inside of ourselves.