Sweep Your Doorstep to Clean the World

“If every one of us were to sweep our doorstep, the world would be clean” - Mother Teresa

At last night’s debate there was a lot of talk on temperament. The whole charade got me thinking about how we choose to show up each day for the world, for our communities, and for ourselves.

It got me thinking about the micro and macro levels of the impacts our lives can have. While there are many things going on external to us, like say, a lot of uncertainty about government and policy in the next four years, that we have little control over aside from a vote, there is one thing that we can always control and that’s ourself.

The external world, our cities, our communities, our countries are always evolving in the same way we are, and in the same way that nature is. Systems break down. Things thrive and then they come back down sometimes more stable than before, sometimes less.

On the macro level, the bigger picture, we can sometimes feel helpless. There are a lot of uncertainties, but what we can control is our micro level - ourselves. Every day we can choose to be the change we wish to see. We can choose to be the light. We can choose to be kind because we wish to see a kinder world. We can choose to be honest because we wish to see a world with less deceit. We can choose to be generous because we wish to see a less economically disparate world.

As we control our internal world and make changes, there is a ripple effect. Our daily presence and daily actions ARE what change the world on a macro level - on a bigger level - but it starts with you.

Continue to choose to show up with grace today, love warriors, even if there are uncertainties about what is going on in the world. Choose to be the change. We got this.