Shine Bright, Baby

"Love is my birthright"

There is a Leo New Moon right now, which means it's intention setting time. I love this stuff. The seeds that are planted right now will ripen by February 10, 2017. I first started doing new moon intention setting work back in November, and have actually been blown away to see how the intentions unfold and really come to a pinnacle at the corresponding full moon about six months later.

Leo is all about PLAYING. being BIG. being BOLD. Also Mars just left Sag meaning if things were a little intense the past few months it's about to lighten up. Leos love being at the center of things, and love being showered with attention. I can always point out the Leos in a crowd at a party (rar). So how can you pay more attention to yourself this month? How can you PLAY in a big way.

How can you shine BRIGHT?

Through spiritual work, we are meant to go back to our childlike selves. The part of us that is open, and unconditionally loving, and knows that we don't have it all figured out. Children have pure love - its different from romantic love. THAT is the type of love that is EVERYTHING. THAT is the type of love that is available to us as adults if we do the work strip away the layers and blocks we've put up separating us from others. When I say be a love warrior - or choose love - or be love - this is what I mean. Exude the same pureness - the same capacity to love and connect as children.

That type of love - pure love - feels ecstatic. It feels like a drug. It feels like you are effing the universe, as I often say #FTU

This is a perfect time to start looking at how we can play and love more. New month + new moon + new ways to play. Never a better time to begin again.