Reflections on the Archangel Summit in Toronto

From childhood we are taught to compare; that student got an A, look how well Willy runs, etc. But comparison can be so toxic to our souls and to living our truth and having our dreams materialize.

Stay in your own lane.

I just spent the day at the archangel summit in Toronto getting fuelled up by content of some incredible speakers like Gary Vee. 

One of my biggest take aways was: stay in your own lane - stay your own game. True self mastery comes from knowing your truth, trusting the visions and dreams you have for yourself, listening to your intuition and following the signs and inspiration as they flow to you. 

Often we get blocked by comparison - he's doing X, she already talks about Y, or that business has been around for Z years and get discouraged and don't even start.

Trust that if you've been given a vision - it was given to you for a reason. Your game is to take small, incremental steps in that direction. Anytime you're getting caught in comparison and its hindering you, thinking it's been done, they do it better, or they are smarter, prettier, or more powerful than me and your mind tries to keep you small, instead say to yourself "thank you for showing me this inspiration." These people are being shown to you to illuminate for you the INFINITE POSSIBILITIES of what your future could look like.