Pushing Your Edge

"It's not about the end goal it's about who you become by consistently pushing to the edge of your limits." - Robin Sharma

I was sitting in a group mastermind in Costa Rica, making excuses about why I couldn't make a website quite yet - one of my reasons was that I didn't have any professional photographs and knew that I wanted them for the site. I was blocking myself because I found the idea of arranging for a whole photo shoot to be a intimidating and a bit intense. I had ideas running through my head like "isn't that just for models? who am I to arrange for a PERSONAL photo shoot?!" (cue inner drama queen always trying to keep me small)... as I expressed this to the group, sitting next to me was a professional photographer who had been staying at my hotel that I had an immediate soul connection with the day I arrived. The group looked at me and needless to say, had to say very little about what my next move was

Sometimes the universe gives us a swift kick in the ass to push ourselves into something we need to do to grow, and other times it gently holds us as we move forward to elevate ourself and push our boundaries to grow

In this case, I needed to get over my fear of being in front of the camera if I want to share my message of LOVE with others, and was guided me to work with this most wonderful new friend in an environment where I was totally at peace for my first ever shoot .
The photo shoot was an EDGE for me - but edges don't always have to be insane and intense. To me, that just creates more fear and doesn't sound fun. To me pushing my edge usually means just having the courage to JUMP when the opportunities align and it's a clear that I am being guided to step up

The question becomes, can I silence my mind, which usually has fear thoughts and 27288 what if scenarios (😳) and instead follow my heart (love is the answer). In this case, it was a CLEAR sign that the universe telling me, gently, that it was time for me to bust through my limiting belief about photo shoots and take the leap.