Our Purpose Chooses Us, We Don't Choose Our Purpose

A little year ago my beautiful soul sister received a clear message that she would be pulled in the direction her heart always knew she wanted to go - holisitic healing

She always had an interest in it and has taught and inspired me a lot about how to nourish and care for the body.

She graduated from the country's best business school only to land a job at a major corporation. Ultimately it didn't feel aligned and she left that job which eventually, after a few twists and turns and bad roommates later, landed her at what was her dream job at the time: one totally aligned with her values, where she collaborated with other creatives all the time, and gave her structure and power, yet flexibility and travel.

However, our purpose chooses us, we don't choose our purpose.

Eventually, through a series of absolutely magical serendipitous events she was ushered out of her "dream job" and into the path of her heart - the path of a healer.

She spent months traveling, exploring, and ultimately, learning from the masters in India and now she's back and launched her holistic healing business today and I couldn't be more proud.

I'm proud of her for showing what happens when you summon the courage to take the path of the warrior and show up and go with the flow of your life. I'm amazed at how things have unfolded in such incredible ways that neither of us could have wildly dreamed of last year when we spoke about her potentially becoming a healer. I am so honoured to have such a bright light to walk this path with.

Reiki and other energy work helps to tune up the energy floating around the body, helping balance the delicate dance of integrating our mind, body and spirit with our highest self - the best, most beautiful and loving versions of ourselves.

As Ayah Norris shares: "i believe when we are balanced and at ease in what I call our "home frequency" transformations beyond our minds level of understanding are possible."