Other People's Shit is Their Own Shit - Not Yours

"How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves" - Paulo Coelho

It’s not about you.

I was sitting at the airport in Hoi An, Vietnam waiting for an early morning flight. I was the only English speaker in sight. I sat down to read my book when a young, welcoming guy sat down beside me and introduced himself. He was Hungarian but was living in Vietnam. We chatted for a little while about our travels; things I needed to check out in Vietnam, and his plans to eventually move back to Hungary. Before I boarded my flight, he added me to Facebook.

Flash forward two years to today. I haven’t spoken to this person since our pleasant exchange at the airport, until I opened my inbox to receive a message basically going on a sexist rant to me about empowered women ("you women"). He hated that I launched a business and was a lawyer. I was floored. I truly believe that your energy attracts what your bring into your life so since I put out loving and positive energy, that’s usually what I get back - but not always.

Because sometimes its not about you. Its not about anything you did wrong or you having attracted a negative situation. Sometimes its about you standing in your power and light in such a big way that it forces people to step into their darkness around you. That’s okay. It’s not about you.

When someone projects their fears, insecurities, or, in this case, hatred, onto you, allow yourself to stand in your power instead of using force. Fighting fire with fire is futile. Do whatever you can to extricate yourself from the situation - in this case I deleted this person - but do so from a place of compassion. Only those really, truly, deeply struggling would act in such a way. Remember, everyone is fighting their own battles .