No is a Complete Sentence

"No is a complete sentence."

Ever find yourself in a situation where you avoid saying no to something because you feel bad? Or avoid doing the thing you really want because you don't want to offend anyone in the process? Here's the key: just do it. Do you. Do you unapologetically.

Being a warrior of love means being a warrior of your own boundaries - meaning what you need to do to make sure you're staying your most vibrant.

It often means saying no to things where your mind will flip flop over all the reasons to say yes, but your gut know what serves you best. If you were meant to be somewhere, you would be there. If a situation is supposed to unfold a certain way, another opportunity will come around. If it doesn't feel right, or it's going to make you feel bad, don't do it.

Honour your no.

I had to honour my NO today to an Airbnb guest I had staying in my place when I got home from my trip, because I just knew I was going to be over my gypsy life and just want to be at my own place. I had to cancel. I said no and they flipped out on me BUT I honoured me, which is all that matters.

Where are you playing a little too nice and it's become a disservice to yourself? Are there any NOs you need to enforce right now?