Lessons from My Trip to Thailand

I went to Thailand for the first time when I was 22. I traveled in a pack comprised of 10 guys and another girl and I. I had no idea how to navigate Asia at the time and felt overwhelmed a lot of the time that I was there. I was young and I was culture shocked - I also remember that I became acutely aware of some of the darkness in Thailand in its tourism industry which my sensitive nature picked up on and didn't know how process. The tsunami created a lot of destruction and post-tsunami Thailand had become so westernized. I felt deeply saddened by the fact that some many of the places I visited has lost their cultural uniqueness in order to bend to the whims of tourists - and I also felt saddened that so many young tourists were getting absolutely annihilated in this country and using solely as a place to party without consequence with complete disregard for the country's unique history and culture

If you ever feel funky, it's sometimes your body picking up on the low vibe energy of the people or places around you. If I'm feeling a bit off I'll always is "is this mine?" sometimes there's no reason for us to be feeling funky and it just means we've picked up on stuff that isn't ours. The good news is you can always shake that bad energy off. One of my favourite ways to shake off low vibe energy is to get into nature and jump into water or touch a tree. It seems pretty out there at first but it can help ground whatever energy we've picked up that we no longer want to carry

I had partied a lot for the time I had been travelling in Thailand and had been swept up in the energy and was in a bit of a spiral myself, but I ended up near a waterfall, and dipping myself into the crystal clear waters I felt renewed. Thailand is brimming with natural beauty - far beyond what I've seen in many other countries. Nature always provides.