My Experience with Amma

"Be like the honeybee who gathers only the nectar wherever it goes. Seek the goodness that is found in everyone." - Amma

I spent my morning lining up to meditate with and get a hug from the guru Amma. I find her deeply inspiring as a true embodiment of someone living the universal laws of love, service and humility. She is revered as a saint.

Amma teaches that even if it is someone's karma to suffer, then it is our karmic to duty to help ease their suffering.

She inspires others to live a life of service helping those less fortunate and to see the beauty in everyone. I watched her hug the hundreds of people today who came with the same intense warmth and intensity. She's been known to hug for 22 hours straight.

With that being said, while each teacher is inspiring and helps guide our path - YOU are the guru. You have the ability to connect with source/universal love/God/etc. energy each day if you train yourself to drop into your heart centered consciousness and disengage the mind. The path of transcendence is not usually one that occurs overnight - instead it is through discipline and dedication, but the reward is the experience of your own connection to the divine. It's the feeling of being one drop of water and then merging with the entire ocean, one ray of the sun amongst all others emanating for the same source; expansive, blissful, total oneness, home.