Magic is Everywhere

Magic is everywhere.

When you choose to dance with the magic of life it'll always show up for you - like finding myself on a walk home and coming across the amazingness of this art.

A course in miracles talks about how those who are meant to meet will - so you need not do anything to force an interaction.

I deeply connected with a meditation teacher of mine and still think of them from time to time. We recently had been on the same wave length and simultaneously thought of one another and reconnected over email. I was supposed to see him at a meditation circle he holds but my schedule kept getting in the way. It wasn't time.

Sure enough I ran into him tonight at an intimate evening to discuss how to scale kids mindfulness and meditation programs. now we are meeting next week to reconnect.

I had to laugh - because I love the life lesson that those who are meant to meet and connect and explore and inspire together will ALWAYS meet. People will come and go in your life. Everyone is a teacher, designed to illuminate parts of yourself that need to grow. You will always be guided back to connect with people at the perfect moment, just like how new people will flow into your life at the perfect moment when your lives align - the key is just to flow with life and not force it in order to see what magic pops up.