Magic in Milos, Greece

Milos, Greece

Manifesting magic happens quickly when you travel because it's easier to stay in a flow state. The right people and opportunities to follow your joy and adventure arise synchronistically.

Today we ran into a tour operator we met after dinner last night who had a break from work so offered to drive my friend and I to this incredible beach, Sarakiniko beach, which is otherwise a serious mission to get to. I had seen photos of the beach when I googled MILOS and its how I decided I needed to go.
The white is all hardened lava from an old volcano that erupted. It's supposed to be energetically a really potent place too. Beneath it are different grottos of water to swim in, AND caves.

According to our new friend, thousands of years ago the Christians fled and had to live in the caves so as to not be captured. So underneath all that white volcanic rock is a network of caves joined together through tunnels - MAGIC.