Loving Yourself Back to Life

"You are not here to shrink less but to blossom into who you really are" - Oprah

I was cruising along in my last boat ride of the summer and this memory popped up for me.

I was seven and I had gone to niagara with my grandparents for the week. They spent their days catching up with old friends. I spent my days entertaining myself in the most simple ways. I was fixated on this flower that was dying. I wanted to bring it back to life.

I was obsessed. I made it a stilt to lean against, watered it with sugar water and checked in on it all the time. The flower came back to life. It blossomed. I had loved it back to life.

It got me thinking - what else can I now love back to life? Into its fullness? To balance so it can blossom again? That's where I'm at right now: what part of myself needs a little extra TLC, a little extra love and attention to get back on track.

For me right now it's my bod - of finding the balance of exertion and rest and loving my body back to greater vibrancy and strength.

Where are you going to level up your love in your life this week?