Look How the Stars Shine For You - Scorpios, Mykonos, Greece

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything you do..." - Coldplay

I sat and watched the sun go down while eating at Scorpios Mykonos last night. I love how when I'm travelling I can always find the best place to watch the sunset - sometimes alone, or sometimes amongst a group all gathered together like this. It's a daily ritual. It's one thing I notice I don't have at home and am pondering how to create.

Because the sunset brings me back home. It tunes me in. It makes me remember our connection to all that is - and about how diligently, softly and beautifully every natural thing serves us... which reminds me of how I can be in gentle service to others with my openness, kindness and compassion.

You too, love warriors.

Look how the sun shines for you, how the trees now to you and give you shade, how the flowers provide their scent to you, how the mountains protect you.

In the same way, you can serve others. You can be their rock. You can be the solace they find comfort in. You can shine In front of them and inspire them to shine more. Just ask the universe "how can I best serve today? Show me where to go, what to do, and what to say".